We love having a virtuous woman in the studio to give us some insight into how women think. So why not Bola Sol the finance guru BOYS are back in the dungeon and we are talking a few different things going on in life and things to affect us in the future

Everybody has dreams so we get into what some of our aspirations are and how we will be with our kids in the future

Temi goes through some of the L’s he took over the weekend whilst trying to be a good boyfriend

Fred has another riddle again so be prepared to rack your brains for an answer

Do you stay for work drinks? Is it something that mainly white colleagues do and black people don’t really get into? we dive into why we may not and why we keep things away from the work place. A lot of us are trying to grow our own enterprises whilst balancing a job, but for some reason we keep it secret; why?

Everybody fears something; we may use it to help us push but we fear something. We discuss fears and things that could be stifling our future or disabling us. Fear is powerful so we look at what we are motivated toward and what we are motivated away from. Some people seem afraid to work for things so bola gives us insight into some of the things she doesn’t support

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