We scraped the surface of some things last week like Top Boy but we defo went deeper this week as we didn’t know if you guys watched it or not. If you haven’t then SPOILER ALERT for the last 25 mins BOYS are back in the dungeon with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and we have the gorgeous Zeze Millz (and her dog Dave) joining us to talk that real talk as she always does. We know how open Zeze Millz is so dont expect anything less than the unadulterated truth this episode, like cup full of double strength Robinsons with no water

We haven’t done relationships and the interaction between men and women so we did a deep dive into communication and where people go wrong as well as self pleasing and being pleased by others. Zeze Millz gives us some back story into her love life currently and why she is single. Temi gives some pointers on how to communicate criticism affectively without the other person getting too defensive

We do a deep dive into the themes of Topboy. People have had a lot to say about anythings such as glorification of gun and knife crime, and how its been released but we absolutely love it. Zeze had some policing views but something to definitely to take into account. What kind of stories would you want to see on TV apart from ‘ends’ if you feel like these stories are told too much – and do we keep the same energy for films and TV shows like power.

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