Fred has had enough so excuse the shouting and the discombobulated thoughts. Excuse Mr Santana guys… he is super passionate today so brace yourselves BOYS are back in the dungeon this week with VP in The Cut (thats a scary sight) and good friend of the show Kimbisco from Neverlusen TV. Fred had a lot to say so we gave him the floor as he had a lot on his mind about the mentality and mind state of people that use the word cant, or specifically the phrase ‘its easier said than done’.

Temi seems to have an opinion on the latest pop smoke songs being the typical uncle he is. Do you guys feel these hybrid drill songs?

The lads dive into TOPBOY without doing too much spoilers… it is safe to listen – do you think Netflix has done it justice by releasing it all in one go – have we lost that excitement that the timeline brings weekly, and did it kill the vibe, Or is this new way of consuming content the best way forward

We also touch a bit more on last weeks conversation without getting too deep as we don’t need things to be misconstrued again and get received the wrong way.
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