First of all we would like to thank anyone that came to the live show. We had a great time, and appreciated all the love, support, engagement and the crazy opinions shared lol BOYS are back in the dungeon with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and we have sister of the show Hemah K on to help us talk to that talk and give a strong black woman’s point of view on somethings we couldn’t just talk about alone. If you haven’t seen us with Hemz, go check out pod-ography and and the live shows… Its always a blast!

We often talk a lot with men in the when we meet so we had to bring in our sister Hemah K to talk about some of the things we couldn’t cover in the live show due to time and so many other things going on.

We discuss the importance of a dining table. Even though its something very small, food really does Bring family and people together. So many of us didn’t have space for it or never used it due to being so tied into watching TV whilst eating. Will you ensure that the dining table is used in your house?

The main bulk of the conversation focuses on loving our own skin. Fred and Hemah give their experiences of abuse when young due to being a darker complexion and even having thoughts of wanting a lighter baby when young, before melanin was cool. Is this self hate, and if it is can it be helped? We dive into personal experiences, how we have contributed to these negative narratives and some controversial solutions from Fred

Should we support cancel culture? Does it give opportunity for people to learn from mistakes? Should somebody lose their current opportunities because of what they did years ago?

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