The BOYS are fresh off the stage from the live show and back in the studio with VP chopping’ it up. Thanks again to everyone who made it on the night and laughed and learned something new with us. More More More.

In this episode the guys kick things off with the Eric Cantona that left many who weren’t ready for the conversation stunned, The boys break things down a little, speaking on wars, and living forever. Eventually they land on the question, of what would you ask God when you finally meet him?

Temi and VP has recently watched the new Dave Chapelle stand up, which it just what the sensitive world needed, while Fred and VP have watched the Meek Mill Documentary on Amazon prime. They break down the story quickly for Temi. You are never free once you get into the system, and you may think you’ve got off lucky if you get 10 year probation, which is what Meek thought, but as you get older and make some money you learn some new things and realise you need to be free to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Fred also has a confession.

While VP had a tough week without his babes around and has to get a few things off his chest. His brother not cleaning the bath room pushed him over the edge.

The boys Also discuss going halves with your girl on real shit like montages and rent rather than the first date. Young guys that are listening to this don’t let these girls swindle you in the buying the latest drip and the most expensive foods.
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