The BOYS and VP are joined this week by Artist Charlie Mase, for his second appearance on the show. Bring the energy and the jokes as you are used to when seeing him online.

The guys quickly dive into a conversation around the recent Amazon fire, and how social media reacted and then how Mother Nature reacted, as she should. But then VP drops a conspiracy theory which none one put’s past the powers that be.

When Uber first came around, did you used to jump in the passenger seat, even if it was just you? For some reason Fred and VP did.

Mandem, back in the day did you have cab drivers that used to ride out with you too, did they know they were riding out, or did you just tell them to keep the engine running?

Temi is waiting on strike three. He’s recently overheard his neighbour screaming, so there is a possible case of domestic violence going on next door, but he wants to be 100% sure, if you was in this situation, what would you do, send in your advice.

Racism in football is also become a bigger issue with the help of twitter, recent victims include, Tammy Abraham (Chelsea), Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford (Manchester United), all for missing penalties. John Barnes, (Ex-Liverpool player) has recently spoken out saying we need to address the issue in society first, before football. Other’s have called for social media platforms to verify every account with passports or drivers licenses. What do you think should be done to tackle the issue today? Should teams also lose points for fans misbehaviour?

Just before we sign off, we dive quickly int the topic of sugar daddies and mommies, It seems Charlie and Fred would have no problem letting a mommy buss it down for them. Girls are feeling no way hitting a penthouse in Knightsbridge quickly before cleaning their mouths and heading to Harrods for a well deserved reward.

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