The BOYS and VP are joined this week by Publishing Artist Che Lingo, talking about absolutely everything music, from inspirations to negative connotation.

Of course in this episode Fred has a story, which start’s with fuckinnnnn’. And of course he’s done a madness again. When you have money you spend it on mad things or things you never had growing on. Fred decided to spend £100 on chocolate, he got trigger happy with the bank account. He didn’t get the helmet for that, but he got it shortly after. It was quickly passed to Temi for a random statement about Lingo, but you wouldn’t put it past Fred for taking it back and holding it for the rest of the show.

We grew up on So Solid Crew, and song’s like Bashy’s ‘Black Boys’ motivated us to grow from black boys to black men.

Clarence Avon recently become a new motivation for Fred to do more in life and help others achieve their gaols, so if you haven’t already check out his story on Netflix, ‘The Black God Father’. Netflix isn’t all bad, but has to take some of the new blame for feeling violence and pushing people down the drug dealer route.

The guys also talk about the fear of not succeeding in life, and not living up to their childhood dreams? What childhood dreams ddi you have that you forgot about or are still working towards, do they scare you today?
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