BOYS are back with VP in the cut (thats a scary sight) and we are in the dungeon talking at talk as always. A lot has happened in the past weeks so we thought to give a round up.

We go through the line up of Afronation and who we were excited to see by the looks of it and also what kind of vibes we will be getting. We get into the conversation about beefs. Do they do more harm than good? Do we want our favourite artist to drop the beef and make music together? Or do we enjoy the diss tracks?

What beefs need to end for us to get the music we really want?

VP and Temi have been watching some funny stuff on youtube in their spare time so they bring Fred in

Fred has also come back from a secret baecation that wasn’t so much of a secret due to his instagram and twitter shenanigans. Could this be Fred getting into the group chat?


90s Baby Show Live – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-64613542846


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