The BOYS and VP took a trip down to the Roundhouse theatre in Camden to watch the Barbershop Chronicles, with a black write and all black cast, full of inspiration, jokes, jewels, life lessons and flawless acting.

We would highly recommend watch the show before they leave London, you can see ticket details here –

In this podcast episode they discuss some of the themes of the show, from relationships with women, to fathers and uncles, politics around Nelson Mandela, football and business ventures around the world.

The show covers near enough every topic you can think of that is discussed in a barbershop and the play itself. As usual Fred almost sticks his foot it in unapologetically but quickly clears up his frustration with the women in the barbershop distracting his barber. Temi get into it with the N word, while Eric Shango and Demmy Ladipo (cast members) bring the energy and excellent analogies and stories.

Quick questions, as a black male, do you feel intimidating when you see a group of young black males with their hoody up?
Also do you actively work to make other races who may have a skewed view of you due to the media’s portrayal of you feel more comfortable when on dark roads or estates?
Could you marry someone without meeting their parents first?

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