In this life we have all been through alot, somethings we couldn’t avoid and somethings we just ran head first into… So why not start the conversation with drugs in 90s baby show fashion BOYS are back in the dungeon with VP in the cut (thats a scary sight) and we are joined by Chioma to help us get through some of these topics. We jump straight into the deep end as we explore the drugs everyone has taken. We know Fred has taken a lot so give him sometime to get through it. Chioma gives us an encounter she had with drugs on her birthday in her house which makes 0 sense but life is like that some times.

We dive into sex and the expectations on either side. Chioma gives her point of view on a few taboo subjects regarding attraction and rejection. we also explore the different forms of rejection as its not always about being told ‘no’ it can come in other ways

We weren’t just going to stay on these wild topics. Chioma gives us some details on acting, her plans and also depression from things not going her way

Funny enough as the alcohol flowed, the conversation got more serious and deep so listen to it all unfold as we get into being black, slavery and more
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