What was the best period in life? Was it College, was it secondary school? Was it primary school? BOYS are back int he dungeon this week with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and good ole friend Hitori shun and we are talking everything back in the days. Secondary school days to be specific

We go through some old school games we used to play like the B-game which was just pure unadulterated violence for no reason because of the mention of wa word beginning with B. Wonder if they played these games in private school? – feel free to let us know

We also discuss engaging with girls back in the day and how devious we are. All we were trying to do was engage in sex at one point. This 5 year period was definitely our favourite

Also, who is the king of RnB – since it cant be a certain person that we shall not name but it rhymes for mars telly

Temi hits us with what he learnt this week and Fred hits us with another riddle

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