The BOYS are back in the dungeon with some good friends, Kourtney and Queen, and of course the homie that’s also shootin’ shit. Up on a daily basis, on God, VP in the cut and of course it’s a scary sight.

In the podcast the conversations ranges from Brazilian butt lifts and body consciousness to Tory Lanez and colourism and Grenfell Tower.

Fred is curious as to where all the people who lost their homes are today, and the gang share their thoughts on tory Lanez social media outburst again Fekky’s director buddy, who seems to have looked to swap a darker skinned model for a lighter one mid shoot. Three sides to a story, who do you think is telling it how it was.

Fred also pops the questions, for the team to describe adulthood in five words, the responses are hilarious.

Temi is still out here takin swimming lessons, trying to learn how to float, but it isn’t going so well and even his teacher in confused. I guess some of us just have no buoyancy, but we will find out at Afro-nation.

Kourtney shares her gym stories, as well as how she meet Queen, who shares her triumph over the past few years and how she has got to where is now with the motivation from her mother and Kourtney.

As usual Temi did some research this week on Central Park, which was once known as Seneca village, which had a huge black population of people who owned their homes, this research could strike a nerve as well as motivate you.

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