If we promise something we will deliver, ON GOD N’EM. We had a mishaps with the last episode as life happens but we had to get the part 2 done with our guy HP sauce… Only right BOYS are back in the 90s room with our good friend Harry Pinero to chop it up properly this time with no interruptions. As life has definitely changed for us all there is a lot to talk about.

Where is the best junk food in London first of all – are you a fast-food person or is it bagel king for everyone including those living outside of south London? We talk about best chicken shop and go through some stories growing up eating our favourite food from these places

Is there a correct way of owing people money? Sometimes people that owe you can be very disrespectful and there seems to be no decorum or honour amongst people in debt. We go into situations of lending money, being done dirty and also what the most important steps are to take if you are in debt to ensure relationships aren’t damaged. money can be root of all evil but sometimes may be its just us being evil and money is involved…

We go into the graft it takes to build a brand and staying focused through hard times. opportunities will come at some point but you have to be ready for it aswell. Harry gives us some insight into the modelling opportunities that have come through speaking things into existence and self confidence. If you don’t feel yourself… who will?

We get into some raunchy stories and times of getting caught having sex back in the day… have you ever been caught in the act?

So much is discussed so make sure to pay attention to the jewels in there. And use #90sbabyshow to get involved with the conversation over socials


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