BOYS are back are in the dungeon with VP In The Cut (Thats a scary sight)

VP has been up to mischievous activities buying fake AirPods which is absolutely ludicrous. It starts off the podcast as Temi said ‘don’t buy fake stuff and think you are taking a short cut as you may end up spending more and wasting time’ He didn’t listen and gives us a review on the fake pods he has

Quick question – Is your Siri a man or a woman? Apologies to those that have Samsung – its an iPhone discussion

Fred brings props to the studio to show the dynamic of a family and society. A lot of homes are broken so we dive into the family unit and what going on these days. Will marriage be void in the future? Are fathers getting better in this generation and is social media helping with transparency around parenthood? Will we be teaching our kids about fantasy figures like Father Christmas and the tooth fairy? – does this take credit from the parents?

We get into the interesting conversations VP has been having at work and some how it got into cleaning money… its the 90s baby show, we le it flow

Temi hits us with some wisdom this week about standing together and unity in society from a case in Attica prison from the 70’s

Fred seems to think we should make some changes to laws and make it apply to different people in different communities. What are your thoughts on that?

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