Therapy comes in many forms but we definitely know it comes in the form of conversation. Today’s show is packed with so many emotions, we hope you can relate and we hope it can show that everyone is going through life BOYS are back with VP in the cut (That’s a scary sight) and we have a lovely guest you guys have been requesting in person and on youtube. Annie Drea Sits with us to give us that females perspective that us ignorant guys need sometimes (just sometimes)

We touch on some serious subjects from sexual fluidity and what it means in society and to Annie to expectations of a man. As aforementioned it gets emotional in the dungeon this week so bear with us as we use this session as therapy for ourselves and those that are listening. Everybody is going through things In life, and life is real. You are not the only one

We all analyse our first sexual encounters and when we became aware of our bodies in a sexual way. Does it start earlier for men or for women?

Abortion and men controlling women’s bodies has been a big subject so the gang discuss this and Temi sheds some light on a particular abortion case in America for the wisdom segment

Fred Says he’s retired but we are still taking riddles so keep sending them in – and see if you can guess this weeks riddle before we give the answer

we also talk about coping mechanisms for stress, depression and how we clear our heads. Feel free to share yours with us on socials – remember to use #90sbabyshow to continue the conversation

remember to catch the visuals on the youtube channel from Tuesday throughout the week

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