We are at that age now for real for real, where we are not only old enough but wise enough to raise our own children but the next generation to.

The BOYS are back in The 90s Room with VP in the cut (thats a scary sight) and Special guest, the lovely Sylvia Kay; Mother, Host, Presenter, Speaker, Writer & Entrepreneur. This week the topic ranges from co-parenting to the cure to aids and cancer, Fred also drops his final riddle.

Temi did some research around the patent for aids and cancer as well as some research into skin care and bleaching.
Fred drops his final riddle as they also try and solve two that were sent in from listeners. Just because Fred is finished with them doesn’t mean you cant still send yours in, via DM or email (info@90sbabyshow.co.uk)

Sylvia gave birth to a young king three years ago, despite being on the pill, the boy is defiantly a God send and destined for greatness. We it also raised the question of when is the best time for a women to tell a man that she may be pregnant, before, during or after taking the test. Everyone share their views, while Sylvia shares her story.

As we get older we shouldn’t only be worried about ourselves and our children, we should also be focusing on the communities we live in and raise our children. What funding is available to make our local parks or facilities better for our children so they are not stuck inside, or on their phones all day, or getting caught up in gangs. What more can we do as young adults or parents?

We discuss loads of concepts so remember to use #90sbabyshow on socials to continue the conversation and remember to catch the visuals on the youtube channel from Tuesday throughout the week

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