There is a whole load of creativity in the room so be ready for this one… There is something definitely in the water… or is it the Petrelli potions??? BOYS are back in the 90s room with VP in the cut (that’s a scary sight) and Special guest Kojey radical. If you have seen any of this guys work you will understand why we did a long one this time

The lads discuss the regulars; Temi hitting with some wisdom on eugenics and how sterilisation is still a thing and Fred hits us with his weekly riddle

We also share our opinions on the Caster Semenya testosterone situation. Clearly racism, but what if this is a case of eugenics taking part as well.

Kojey explains getting the Britains got talent ‘Buzzer’ after a sexual experience, and the lads open up about when they know things haven’t gone according to plan. Happens to the best of us right

Kojey is a super creative young man so he explains some of his work and the different responses he gets from overseas in comparison to London. Is London unappreciative its homegrown talent? Or are we just dry?

We discuss loads of concepts so remember to use #90sbabyshow on socials to continue the conversation and remember to catch the visuals on the youtube channel from Tuesday throughout the week.

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London from the 5th to the 22nd June at the Oval House Theatre.

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