BOYS are back this week with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight). Early heads up; if you haven’t seen Avengers End game yet, the last 30 minutes are full of spoilers and reviews of what could possibly be the greatest film ever.

The episode starts with Temi flaunting his new Mercedes hat, as he has a new found love for formula 1. Fred also pops the question, ‘what side of the bath do you get in from the back or the front (shower head side)? Let us know what side you get in in the comments.

Temi’s hits us with some wisdom as usual, this week he looked into inventors and how many black inventors possibly do not get the recognition for what they have created, as they may have had to sell their patent in a time where it was much harder to be black.

Fred is back again with another riddle, and you have to wait until the very end of the show to find out the answer. Don’t cheat, let us know what you think the answer is when you hear it.

The boys also touch on realisations, when you finally arrive in the future and realise what you could of told ourself in the past, but cant go back and tell yourself wether you was right or now. CGI in movies has improved but no flying cars just yet.

Is there anything wrong with being with your partner because it convenient? The boys touch on some relationship stuff as a listeners sends in a question around social standing, money, looks and personalty. The boys are pretty confident they could still do what they are doing in these streets even if they had a little less money in their pocket.

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