Our listeners and supporters love us and we try to show as much love back as possible. So we brought through a big big supporter of the platform Hugh to chop it up, and really see what’s happening with these GEN-Z guys BOYS are back this week with VP in the cut (That’s a scary sight) and we have our guy Hugh join us to chop it up with the lads. The helmet is definitely active in this one so pay attention to the mistakes in the midst of it all.

Could this be the end of the riddles for Fred Santana Riddles? We have a bit of a twist to this one which does install confidence in the gang

Temi hits us with some wisdom on uncontested tribes around the world and viruses that we spread

We also get to talking about young peoples pride and how it could save lives dropping pride when in a situation of life and death. Hugh gives a perspective of never accepting somebody trying to rob him, but what are materials in comparison to your life when we look at the grand scheme of things.

We dissect the poet situation with Copa 90, from the tweets to the way he has been reprimanded and ridiculed for his old tweets. Do we believe old tweets should have such power on your future? Can you banter about something on twitter? And was it banter? Also when old tweets are brought up, it never takes into account what’s been going on, on the timeline as some years ago some things were acceptable; so should this be considered when looking at old tweets

Much more bits discussed as we further discuss the gulf between the ages 19 and 26, which is what the show is about. Showing you the mind of a 90s baby and bridging the gap between generations through conversation.

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