There are always some things you can say, ‘if you didn’t do thus, you didn’t live’. playing out was so lit that we needed to start on some old school fun from way back …. BOYS are back this week with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and this lovely trouble maker Face in the news to talk that talk

Temi’s been to the clinic and done a check up of his own and found something he is bait concerned about – lets hope he makes it through

Fred hits us with another riddle, whether good or bad God loves a tryer, so lets support our guy in all his endeavours

Do we feel like we tell the same story in black British films from endz? Temi doesn’t think enough stories are told other than gang violence but is this because some of us don’t look for it and its always violent films that catch our attention? We love Tomboy and Appreciate the Intent, but what other interesting stories are around that can be told.

Men can have fears of being shot, stabbed, getting in to a fight but what about women’s fears growing up. Face in the news gives us a story of a guy in the area that seems to think they are friends after she has been ignoring him from day 1… are men always the issue for women and men??

The banter fly’s however Temi asks Face in the news about some of the post on instagram that alludes to going through tough times and God pulling her out, which leads us to the topic of depression, gods plan and purpose in life. You would think that somebody younger wouldn’t be going through this but pressure has not age limit or restriction. Although young we are in the limelight early; is this proving to be beneficial or is it stressing out young people from an early age.

Race gets discussed as we applaud Stormzy for his courageous and righteous acts by turning down a huge gig due to racial profiling from security. Are you ever willing to drop the bag for what you think is right? Or would some of us get on stage and act like it didn’t happen. Racism in football is also prevalent right now so we discuss possible punishments that could help decrease it or make people think twice. It seams like ‘no to racism’ signs won’t do it

The gang also discuss favourite films and cinema experiences watching horror and finding the best seat in the room.

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