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I can’t lie this is the first time that I’m going to be speaking on the murder of Nipsey Hussle since it’s happened and it’s for a particular reason.

To be real I wasn’t someone that listened to his music at all, I knew who he was but barely, I had no idea what he stood/stands for. I didn’t want to come out like MANY others and be saying “Damn RIP my brother” or “he was a great artist, gone too soon” cos that would be a lie on my part. If I’m really real, when I heard of his passing I didn’t really care I put my phone down and said “that’s crazy” but still continued with my life.

However since his passing I’ve had to go back and listen to Victory Lap and I’ve really seen why everyone genuinely loves him and how he’s influenced many. Then it got me thinking deeply.

This man, his business, his message and his influence won’t be able to develop any further. OBVIOUSLYhis message still lives on but we will never here another Nipsey album, interview, he will never be able to provide more jobs in his community, write a book etc. Outside of his family losing him, that is the biggest loss in this situation.

An act of senseless pride has cut his journey short and stopped his limitless potential. We see this happening so much in the UK, young life being lost over impulse and anger but those souls that are now not here could’ve went on to do SO MUCH good.

“Don’t Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face”

This is a quote that I really love, it tells us to stop self destructive behaviour or acting on something that in the moment feels right but later on will be bad for you. Somethings you can take back and apologise but murder isn’t something that can ever be taken back.

Allegedly a black man did this, a black man has killed one of his own and stopped the development of his own race and even himself. People are quick to kill off each other but not realising that they are potentially stopping growth and improvement in the community or EVEN BIGGER… THE WORLD.

So many businesses could’ve been started by this man in the future or even people could be reborn and change their lives because of Nipsey. Not only has this man caused the death of one man, in the process he is the cause of so many other deaths and in the end what was it even for?

Quote of the blog

“We need to cherish the future of our own, instead of destroying it”


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