The BOYS are back in the dungeon with their podcast brother Mr Vans and Fols Forever from Off The Cuff Podcast. A host of topics have been heating up on the timeline from rape and sexual harassment to the death of the great Nipsey Hussle and Posty’s leaked sex tape has everyone repping g their ends.

Fred come in with another riddle which no one is happy about as usual, should he call it a day with the riddles?
The boys move swiftly on and discuss father daughter relationships, approaching girls in the clubs and hoe’s of the group.

The bulk of the conversation centres around the recent uproar and outrage from girls on the timeline exposing guys at university for the sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviour. The boys do not try to justify their actions, but more understand the current blurred lines of sexual harassment as anyone could easily be at risk of crossing the lines by not even knowing where the line is. Let us know your views by using the hashtag #90sBabyShow on twitter.

To wrap up this, we state that men and women need to pull up their friends when they cross the line and act out of order and out of character.

The underlying question asked is, are me attracted to vulnerability?

Temi let’s us know what he has learnt again this week. Sharing his knowledge on credit cards, APR and interest rates, many people may be curious to know more, but our recommendation would be to get a Gold Amex card, spend wisely and remember to payback the money on time if you’re looking to boost your credit rating.

We look to always drop jokes and jewels, so although this is a very serious topic and we look. To share our honest views, we tried to end on a lighter note and discuss work husbands and work wife. Would you allow your partner to have one?

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