We are all From Africa, we know this but… but for some reason, there has always been a disconnect or discord between Jamaicans and Africans… or at least Nigerians anyway… we got a chance to understand this week BOYS are back in the dungeon with VP in the cut (That’s a scary sight), and we are joined by the lovely Monrowe this week, as we know how valuable it is having virtuous women on the podcast – and you guys love it so much. Fred also has some riddles for us but that’s another story.

This week is a whole load of serendipity as the conversation uncovers so much interesting things about men and women. Along the way, Monrowe speaks on her sexual preference which gives us an opportunity to learn how Bi-sexual women see both sexes and gives us some gems on how it’s not one over the other. With our ignorance and curiosity comes some knowledge and perspective so pay attention

Temi hits us with what he has learned this week on HIV and science behind it, only to find out Monrowe helps out with HIV awareness for black people. We get a break down of how diagnosis works and get deeper into having children knowing that there is a chance they may have the virus. The question is posed; would it be selfish to have a child if you know they may have the virus

Temi also poses the question of whether we should be more purposeful with careers our kids choose.

We also get into consensual non-consent which the boys had no clue about and explore this whole concept.

Generational wealth was discussed some years back on the pod but a listener recently gave some feedback on Fred’s point of view so we went back to the subject – do we feel we should earn more than our parents and if so, at what age?

Monrowe gives us a break down of being raised in Jamaica and coming over here 14 years ago so we get to really understand more to upbringing than passa passa and dreams weekend. She also details carnival and etiquette for men when women dance so pay attention lads.

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