There is way too much happening around us from memes to fights with the police, Its only right we have a site down to dissect it all BOYS are back with another episode and its just us again (Shout out VP in the cut)

Its a serious situation but we made some light of the viral video of the 2 guys getting arrested by the police. It’s a bit funny how something bad happened yet there were some lies from the met police that an officer was fly-kicked in the head… ominous, isn’t it? what is the agenda behind this, and why is there a need to make a bad situation worse? Is this for the judge’s perception of the case or the public perception of black people with the police??

Have you ever been in a situation where you could have got away with something but your burden of a friend held you back… if you di go back then… do you regret it? lol

We also go onto terry crews as he was doing some pandering of recent but saying its all for the love and protection of black women. Do we believe this or is he tap dancing for a bigger cause.

Temi brings up what you could call ‘Reverse gentrification’ in Nigeria and how we could be missing out on opportunities but are we missing the bigger picture of what is going on there. Is it possible to gentrify your own home?

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