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It’s all fun and games until someone has to build the wall. Rumour has it Trump will be paying over $300 an hour to those who volunteer to build the wall to keep the Mexicans out of America. All part of his play to make America great again with Kanye West. Although he doesn’t get too much of a mention until later in this episode. The boys jokingly saying they will bring their own bricks and cement, but it will do very little to keep not only the Mexicans out. Everyone will find a way into American as we have done so in the past.

Fred has also finally booked his little lads holiday to Miami and splashed out a little on Fontainebleau but Temi thinks Fred will still be cheap out there and won’t tip the strippers. And guess what, he’s right because Fred still has bills to pay.

Temi has also been working on learning something new every day this year. Which humans probably do without noticing. He has hit us with another plane story. This is like the 4th in the last few months. Nonetheless, it’s another crazy one so put your seatbelts on people.

Outrage everything as the new Gillette adverts his you’re phone screens. Back in the 90s, it would be your tv screens but hey, got to move with the times. Feminists have piped up again and Fred is no doubt battling back. Men stop living in fear. Women have their foot on our necks and are ripping our beards off. Don’t have it. Be the man of the house and put your foot down on the nonsense they want to keep calling us out for.

We also touch on Future and Ciara, Soulja Boy his interviews and Games Consoles. You know the drill if you want to voice your opinion use the #90sbabyshow to join the conversation and let us know your thoughts on Twitter.

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