BOYS are back with another Minisode on those phones and this time we are talking online breakups

To start off with Fred is already messing up his booking to Miami, and Temi is gives some advice on what you should ask yourself before you ‘start moving mad’ on someone.

We dive into lying friends, and of course Soulja boys antics on the recent breakfast club interview… It would be a shame to not get some jokes in but, somebody does need to help our brother out because the lies are getting ridiculous!

We get onto an online breakup that resulted in a young lady dying from falling on a knife she put in her bag when going to confront her. What should the law do in this situation?? The man may be going down for manslaughter so its tough one. We try to put ourselves in the shoes of the parents but it something you don’t want to fathom happening to your child.

Its becoming more and more apparent that in this day and age, we need to learn how to ignore people, and not always respond to silly things; as it can result in nonsense, humiliation, mental illness or even worse; death.

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