Do we have the capacity to dream bigger than our ideas or bigger than what we have seen in life? This conversation takes an absolute turn but bare with us. BOYS are back in the dungeon for another episode with VP in the cut, so its just the lads this week and we are talking about dreams. It would be great to talk about dreams in terms of goals but we are talking actual dreams

Have you ever been with someone or know somebody that has lucid dreams which affect their mood.

Fred has been on YouYube of recent and brings forth some of his findings and how he wants to plan his dreams to predict the future so when he gets to the future, meaning he is now present, he knows what’s going on already??? Confusing, we know but listen in and see if you can follow and agree.

If you could control your dreams, what would you create? would you create what you want in the real world? like being rich or having the man/woman of your dreams? or want to live a total alternate life you would never live in reality?

On another note, what are we doing for the younger generation role model wise? Temi speaks of his goals this year of playing a ‘big bro’ and how it was growing up with false promises. We all remember those aunties and uncles that promised things but never delivered… we can’t decide to be the same

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