Jingle bells jingle bells!!! We have been singing these songs for ages but do we really know the origins? And if we want to find out, are we willing to cancel things accordingly. BOYS are back in the booth with VP in the cut. Its just us this week so we got time for some timeline and life experience topics!

Onto the question, are we too sensitive to stuff and causing issues for ourselves going forward? with outrage going on about the famous christmas song ‘Baby its cold outside’ being related to rape culture are we too sensitive. should rape be black and white so these blurred lines don’t confuse us, or was the song actually condoning rape culture. Temi also reveals the truth about jingle bells

We discuss the gun lean song and its virility. Fred seems to feel it has come to early for commercialisation. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

we do a deep dive into the chris rock recent video with Ricky Gervais, Gerry Seinfield. The use of the word Nigga in general and the context when white people use it? Temi mentions gives his theory about why we feel a way but don’t feel too offended at times.

Oh and Renee and ivorian doll situation got a breaking down by Fred as VP and Temi were totally unaware of the situation. Are Generations Z’S sharing too much? in fact, thats not a question… Generation Z’s are sharing too much… Make peace not war people 🙂

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100TH SHOW – the 100th episode is around the corner. For this show, we are inviting you to join us live in the studio. (Food and drink Supplied – but feel free to bring a bottle as well)