Clout – influence or power, especially in politics or business. It’s not a bad thing to have and is definitely something we all want. Has it become the new drug people want that fix of? BOYS are back this week and joined by Entrepreneur and founder of Chune App Jay Oguntino AKA Uncle Chune. A lot has gone on in the week so we started off with a few Topics. Of course, Kanye’s tweets were discussed, however, more from a perspective of how high we regard celebrities and is all of this even real? Sometimes do you look at Twitter and think… this isn’t real?

Fred takes a toilet break but Temi and Uncle Chune dive into the word Follow. Is it desensitised but still effective on social media? We follow things which affect our feed but do we control what we follow enough these days

We go into the depths of the app development and the tech world. We have been needing some young black entrepreneurs in tech so its great to be in the presence of somebody going for clout, but real clout… not 5 minutes of fame. Uncle Chune lets us know about the difficulties, pitching, investors like Ashton Kutcher, advice on starting your own business and more.

Uni is something a lot of us did but was It a waste of time; depends who you are speaking to, but we definitely discussed broke times before Jay dropped out. It seems as though these entrepreneurs always drop out of something at some point so Uncle Chune seems to be on the right path

Take in the advice on tech, starting your own company and developing the courage to pitch your brand with confidence.

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