Us 90s babies think we know it all but, we don’t know the world like how our parents to. Last time we had Fred’s mum come through so we decided to get Temi’s dad again for a mans perspective. BOYS are back this week and we have Temi’s Dad in the dungeon. Conversation starts with Temi getting roasted; the gang apply pressure maybe because Uncle is in the house.

Uncle gives some knowledge on how it was coming here and how dating was back in his day of courting women and his wife. Have you ever wrote a love letter before? Because uncle is talking about that being the only option when there were no phones around. He claims we dont know anything! Are we as sweet as our parents used to be? and are we loving as much as our parents are or did? With all this social media we have got into celebrations of things like Proposals and anniversaries but uncle has a view on why this isn’t right to him. We Also discuss materials and how it was something but not everything once upon of time

We go on to schools and education in depth. Temi speaks on how he feels schools are failing us, and the gang express the importance of what to teach kids

Uncle loves history and studies it close so he drops game on the gang on how education was in Nigeria, black history, what black people have done on this earth and also why we can’t be surprised by things colonisers done in the past

Fred gives story on the L he took when going to Manchester this weekend, but it leads into uncle spitting some gems from the hip and basically giving us a soliloquy on joining our money, getting together and also looking after our kids

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