This episode takes left and right turns all over the gaff, and the Boyz are joined by Malaika to catch up on some on the nonsense they’ve missed out on the past few weeks. From the under 25’s taking over Twitter to Mr Why You Coming Fast.

Apparently there is such thing as Meme culture, but Fred isn’t having any of it and does not want to be apart of it.

Fred is also running into some issues on the dating scene from an unfamiliar foe. Some ladies have gay best friends, who appear to be a larger obstacle to overcome than expected.

How do you see the world? Full of colour? How would you feel if you were colour blind, would you still be able to see the beauty in the world. Fred meet a colour blind woman not to long ago and was intrigued.

Temi also tell the story of how he cut his hand on his luxurious trip to Portugal, dining in fine resultants and swimming in badly kept swimming pools. He’s about to run into some money, so make sure you remind him to keep pushing for that cheque.

The boys have also been sent a dilemma and pass on some advice. To cut a long story short communication is key, but the boys dissect everything, apply their logic and give honest feedback.

There is a lot discussed and a lot of questions posed for the gang and the listeners to make sure to get involved by using #90sbabyshow on all social media platforms.

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