Are girls dressing appropriately? Are older siblings doing their job to guide the younger ones in society? Did older African parents do us justice by coming here? And how do we need to deal with bleaching in the African community?

The BOYS are back this week and got some. A lot of men in the booth but, time to get some more strong women in again. We brought in the Virtuous Nissy Tee and Fred’s Mum for that O.G touch to the conversation (address her as Aunty when you see her)

We discuss many things that give the perspective of a woman, and an African woman at that. Nissy gives a younger perspective and growing up in a Congolese household, whilst Fred’s mum discusses her upbringing and bringing up 3 boys.

Dressing for women comes up, as women’s dress sense has become more sexual over time which can be confusing to men. Men are visual and don’t know how to act sometimes… without policing of course; if Women do not want to be looked at a certain way, should they dress more conservatively or should men be mature? a woman should be able to wear what she wants but should we ignore the fact that some people do not know how to act?

The gang also go on to discuss fairness in society; being taxpayers we should be entitled to certain things. Do we get enough for the amount we pay? should we be more demanding and force the government to do more for us?

Bleaching is an issue in a lot of African and Caribbean cultures so what are we going to do about it. We get onto Blac Chyna’s altercation and her reasons for visiting Nigeria – Are we tearing down our own race for a cheque and do we love ourselves enough?

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