It takes a serious courage to get in the ring and fight, so we got some young promoters and a boxer in the dungeon to talk it all BOYS are back this week with THIS IS BOXING Promoters Ant & Whylee and Amateur boxer Ryan who will be in the ring on the 25th for the belt

we used this opportunity to get some advice on diet for training for fights and gym so have a listen to the advice and supplements – Maybe breast milk?

we talk being focused and the effects of celibacy on fighting. Some of these fighters are holding that orgasm in and saving rage for the fight so we defo learn something about prepping for fights and staying focused which everyone can take from

we eventually go onto personal encounters in terms of fights and getting knocked out. It can happen to anyone, anyone can lose a fight… although Ant explains taking a major L that gives an idea of the experience of being knocked out – from what he can remember.

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Saturday 25th November – THIS IS BOXING 3 –