We had so many people giving their views after World is flat episode; we thought to speak about some more conspiracy theories. Get ready for this polarising show as you will have to pick a side – nobody likes a fence sitter! BOYS are back in the Dungeon with good friend Onetakekelv and VP in the cut (That’s a scary sight).

To start with… What the hell is going on with all these designer brands overpricing stuff? scrap that… why are we buying things that have never been cool and potentially would have got cussed in school for? We discuss our views on some of these brands and why we think it is so popular. Do you think it’s about the price? Brand? Or just great marketing? and are we going backward’s or forwards with fashion?

The lads went to #LuxSundays for a Halloween party of which they saw poor etiquette of men when moving to girls. Us men may have to learn a thing or two about managing emotions and accepting rejection, as some guys are killing themselves for 1 of 200 girls in the club. We discuss the reasons for men acting like this and try to dissect the issue to understand the origins

We then go into the depths of some conspiracies! The main course! From food, government, Aliens, Male contraception and more. All we ask is for you to pick a side and lets us know your thoughts by voting on Twitter or using #90sbabyshow On socials

Feel free to let us know any more conspiracy theories you may know of; there clearly needs to be a pt.2 😉

Fred has also decided to climb  Climbing Mount Toubkal for charity Year Here, you can donate to the cause here – https://www.goldengiving.com/fundraising/FredAjani

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