Did our parents do enough for us to succeed at sports? or did they influence us to take the sure route of going to university and getting a day job? Is this even a sure route? BOYS are back in the dungeon with Vic; Fred’s childhood friend from the area and we are talking that talk!

We discuss good old times growing up and football which we know Temi has no clue about. The gang discuss some interesting issues moving on. A topic of how much parents do to support kids at football games comes up; Vic being a coach has the point of view that white parents show up much more. What could be the reason for this? Is it that our parents couldn’t be bothered? or is it that they were working too hard? even so, Is this a good enough excuse? Everybody has worked, right?

We also go on to talk about influences growing up. Did your parents raise you or did the ‘streets’ raise you? Fred thinks its more about home and upbringing whilst Vic and Temi have opposing views to this. What do you think?

The conversation goes deeper into university and how people complain online. Fred has some controversial thoughts and has made a promise for November as a result of his recent laissez-faire attitude which we could all learn from.

From this conversation, you get an idea of family dynamics, how we can better support our loved ones and strangers on social media. With technology moving so fast, we need to keep human interaction up, especially at the crucial times.

If you have a younger sibling you would like to get involved in football, check out this website: https://www.rocajuniors.co.uk/

Enjoy the conversation and remember to let us know your thoughts by using #90sbabyshow

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