So with a lot of shit going on with men in the media, in London, etc we decided to have a sit down with just men to discuss it all… you know… Just men BOYS are joined by Good friends of the show VP and Kimbisco to talk our guy shit.

First question… Does Temi look athletic? the gang seems to believe he does not have that level of athleticism due to not playing sports. Fred also seems to believe he can do a half marathon without any training as well… Do we believe this can happen?

Fred has also decided to climb  Climbing Mount Toubkal for charity Year Here, you can donate to the cause here –

After watching the Quincy Jones story the conversation of travel comes up. Most legends stepped out of their comfort zones by living elsewhere for some time. Are we all too rigid and stuck in our ways to go and really explore and live? have you wanted to live somewhere else but feared you will be leaving too much behind? Is your current country of residence best for what you are trying to achieve?

It’s a tough time for men as it always has been with constant expectations from society, women, family and more. Now we are starting to see men wrongfully accused of sexual abuse, is this the new go-to for women? In a sense, this takes severity away from those that are actual victims. We have recently seen Terroll Lewis accused of it when he tried to defend a young man on the train and was actually a victim of harassment by the said victim. There has also been a case of a 9 year old sexually abusing a woman because his bag brushed passed her.

The question is; is it hypersensitivity or is it just racism and some white people knowing that if they call the police stating sexual abuse or harassment there will be no questions asked, or a man will be thrown in prison. It may be happening all over the world; we can only know of the cases publicised, but there is a very daunting pattern here.

We also discuss the Ronaldo case which doesn’t seem to look too good for the football star from the evidence presented and available to the public

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