First of all we would like to say thank you to everyone that has listened to podcast over the years and to those that made it to our second sold out live show. We would also like to thank all the guests we have had over the last few months and those that helped us on the night, Tinz Rants, Hemah K, Kyle Shyne, Venture Promoter and Black Barbie Events. BOYS are back in the Dungeon with a friend of the show Kourtney L, who came through to help us finish up the topics we didn’t get to touch on at the live show, like role play and dressing up in the bedroom, which Fred seems to be interested in. Is it too much to wear a mask or cave man and woman outfit in the bed room, are you afraid to spice things up a little in your sex life?

Kourtney has also recently received an offer to send pictures of her feet for some tax free money. Are you into satisfying people random fetish’s? No one has to see your face but your bank balance will know what’s popping?

Fred has also had experience of other girls calling him while on dates, which would undoubtably cause issues at the dinner table be it Nandos or Nobu.

Whats worse, eating pizza or wings with a knife and fork? Temi seems to thing its the latter.

Dirty talk and phone sex, we though it was a thing of the past but it seems some young adults still feel the needs to dabble in it rather than order an Uber and get it cracking in real life. We speak on when lines are crossed and how best to avoid these lines being crossed.

Fred then returns with his outlandish theory that the world is flat and proceeds to explain why he thinks so.

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