Sunday 14th of October – 90s Baby Show Live – Online Tickets Sold Out – More On The Door

A Phone Call Minisode is back this week to bless you guys before the live show with sister of the show Hemah K

We get to talking about men and women as you do but the lads get to gain an understanding how a woman looks at a man and what they are attracted to

Hemah give s run down of what she loves about women; of course the guys gave their opinion. She also details what attracts her to a man

The lads feed off some questions that may come up in the live show so pay attention.

Make sure to check out Hemah’s new show on the Beat London

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Sunday 18th of November – In Tune With Fourens – Grab your tickets using the link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/in-tune-with…ts-49799285002