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Sex is the most intimate act you can do with somebody, so imagine having doing this for years and the effects it can have on you? BOYS are back in the Dungeon with Ex- Pornstar Miss Jaye Rose to talk everything Sex and Pornography industry.

We dive into the depths of the industry and even the mental issues that can come of it. Its all good and well watching it and Masturbating to it but today we dive into what really happens in the private life of an Ex-Pornstar

Miss Jaye also opens up about some parts of her private life like Dating and the effects it has had on it. She also talks of having a child, to which we ask a few questions about life as a mother and balancing the two.

Funny enough, Miss Jaye hears about some of the experiences that the lads had and feels they are a bit raunchy! once getting into the conversation you come to realise Porn is a job, with boundaries and Pornstars would have a lot of standard within an industry that may be frowned upon (But loved behind closed doors)

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