Sunday 14th of October – 90s Baby Show Live – Online Tickets Sold Out – More On The Door BOYS are back int eh dungeon with a good ole friend. Our Brother Jouf joins us to talk it all including the initiation of G.A.S Gang

We start off with a few simple questions so we will pose then to you; Has anything that we have said to be cancelled stayed cancelled? Some claimed H&M was cancelled but we still shop there, and various individuals like Kanye were said to be cancelled but they are still being attended too..

Oh, also… another question, Pizza Hut or Dominoes?

If a man goes to a brothel or prostitutes and pays for sex with 4 women.. How many does he add to his body count?


We do a deep dive into being a founding member of GAS Gang when it first started and why. Bringing different gangs together may be a terrible thing but in hindsight; it’s very smart and organised to say the least. People that failed at school managed to put minor issues aside, unite loads of individuals to create an almost ‘super gang’ made up of various gangs. Questions is how do we channel our young people’s energy and minds into constructive things

These young people are leaders, how can we make them lead in more positive things.

We touch on jail times as Joof has been before. He tells us about his views and how insignificant it was as a system that intends to rehabilitate

We ask the question ‘what made you come off the roads?’ Which he gave an interesting answer to away from having kids.

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