Who does toxic masculinity affect most – the individual propelling it or the people around the person. Men don’t always talk about their issues but we tend to act as if men are the only ones that do this… is this toxic masculinity or is it just pride that men display more?? Even so… if we did voice our feelings and concerns more would we even be perceived as masculine? are you girls really up for hearing about our concerns or do you just say you want to know to sound nice??? BOYS are joined by some good old friends to talk about toxic masculinity and insecurities. Does toxic masculinity affect the wider society or the individual more? Do men talk their insecurities enough? or is it best to keep it to yourself?

we all have emotions and have to deal with it a certain way but men are often ridiculed for keeping things to themselves, and its often labeled as toxic masculinity… but is this a masculine issue or a pride issue that happens to show in men but also happens to women.

The group also discuss a hypothetical situation which exposes the men’s boundaries/ insecurities … we aren’t sure what to call it but it definitely went horribly wrong. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter.

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