Sometimes London Sometimes Dominican Republic To Do Meringue And Bachata BOYS have a sit down to discuss Temi’s Holiday and whats been going on in London with Fred. From discussing Pedicures and doom Bugeying to real life away from social media and viral moments.

When on holiday are you actually experiencing or are you living for socials. Very easy to get lost in showing off to others at home so much that you aren’t even really in the moment. As we indulge in the digital sometimes our real life can suffer so its something to really ask yourself and be careful of.

Fred opens up about stresses and exhaustion in London and how things can build up and take its toll. Hear his vices and how he deals with things in case this can help you.

We are alive if we are breathing… but are we living??

Enjoy this one and remember to use the #90sbabyshow to join the conversation.


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