Catching Flights And Feelings Ft. Chrissy Speaks

We always hear the saying ‘i catch flights not feelings’. But more time when we go on holiday we catch a flight because we got in our feelings… right?

The BOYS jump into a talk with Chrissie (who is an assistant psychologist) about mental health. We can’t talk about it enough however sometimes we talk about it with the same perspective of mental health meaning there is an issue, but this isn’t the case

Chrissie gives a clinical description of mental health, depression, and other disorders such as schizophrenia. she gives tips for how to deal with it and of course the lad’s chyme in with personal experience and the importance of getting away. She also explains how depression can affect short term and long term rather than it being a sunken place you can never get out of.

Heres a question – if the city you lived in stressed you out and you needed holidays just to cope, would you move? Its a question you don’t have to answer honestly because most people will lie when we secretly know that ‘HOME’ is stressing us out but we are too scared of the unknown of moving.

Is holiday the best coping mechanism… or is it purely short-term and means to an end??

Enjoy this one and remember to use the #90sbabyshow to join the conversation – feel free to let us know how you feel with depression or stress.


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