Jokes Pay The Bills Ft. Axel Comedian

We often see comedians as jokers and clowns but from this conversation we understand how calculated some of them can be… not just Kevin Hart, but home grown talent like Axel Blake. Jokes pay the bills and can bring in some serious money BOYS are joined by the seasoned Axel Comedian to have what as supposed to be a chat about comedy turned to a money management episode. the group discuss immediate gratification Vs. Delayed Gratification and the importance of property.

The lads do a deep dive on investments axel has made in property and how his perception of money changed. A discussion of how girls can save more than guys, and how guys need to be a bit more frugal when dating to get further in life also arises.

We tend to look at comedians like Kevin Hart as smart and savvy but what about our homegrown UK talent. There is definitely a lot of money in the industry as Axel details; but this one is about investing as funny as it seems

Enjoy this one and remember to use #90sbabyshow to join the conversation


@Axelcomedian / Axelcomedian

@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow

@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana

@TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy

AXEL BLAKE ‘Im Not Gonna Lie’ Headline Show – 2nd of June

LIVE SHOW – 90s Baby Show – Sunday 3rd June 2018

For Tickets: Payment on the door



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