Momma’s Got A Shotgun Ft. Dexter Mula Cake

These 80s babies have been through a totally different life from us 90s Babies. They went through the crack era in London and had to navigate through it BOYS are joined by Special guest Dexter (Owner of Mula Cake and various other businesses) to talk his story growing up in the 80’s, Crack era in London, Going into legal business and more

We always think of the crack era in America but what about London. Dexter takes us through having parents that were addicts, drug dealing, and what it took to change the mindset to a totally legal one.

We do a deep dive into the power of guns and what it took to put them down and replace that empty void of power you would once have

Dexter enlightens us with stories upon stories of his experience so sit back and enjoy the this special episode of pure truth. The episode does exactly what is says on the tin 😉

LIVE SHOW – 90s Baby Show – Sunday 3rd June 2018
For Tickets: On The Door

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