Too often we hear about dilemmas and advice for people in relationships what about those that want advice on how to get a woman in bed… just want to Fuck… and maybe a meal some day?? What about those that just want to date and have sex?? This episode is for pure advice and teaching of how to operate as we bring an attraction specialist to the dungeon.

The BOYS are joined by the worlds leading dating coach for me Kezia Noble to discuss some myths about men and women, and different ways to function within the single market when we are out here trying to get laid and attract women.

We discuss the current dating climate with social media, films and of course dating apps that ruin human interaction. Are we losing conversational skills and game because we have girls at our finger tips without putting in any graft.

Kezia also lets us in on some of the tips to operating in a social setting, what women are looking for when we are in social settings, and how to avoid the deadly Friendzone.

Girls feel free to let us know if these tips are accurate, and if you would find a man attractive if or when he tries this on you

Enjoy the episode and remember to use #90sBabyShow to join the conversation

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Youtube: Kezia Noble


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