BOYS can’t be stopped in the journey to greatness so we went in-house – as a DISCLAIMER- there may be bit of peaking so bare with us for this episode.

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In this episode the Boyz are joined by a friend from long time Francis; founder of Green Lady the UK’s first and No.1 Sparkling tea.

We had a catch up about secondary school days but of course with a lot going on in the world we cut straight to it.

We do a deep dive into social media being the new place to CRB check people; with so many old tweets being pulled up and ruining peoples character its an important issue. Should you be judged on what you said years ago? should there be statutory limitations on what you tweeted? is the Maya mama tweet that deep?

We of course discuss radar radio and our feelings towards the whole ordeal. Will Radar come back? Or Did a home get burnt? Do people know enough and did it need to be dealt with in this way? We obviously have a bias but we get Francis to chyme in and we try to be as impartial is possible – but it is very hard!

Enjoy the conversation between the 3 of us and be sure to support Green Lady Sparkling tea.

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