The BOYS sit down with Malorie Bantala to discuss the horrific attack that happened to her in 2015 whilst 8 months pregnant with her son; this resulted in her losing her child and having a still birth.

Its a very intense time in the studio in comparison to usual conversations. This episode serves as an opportunity to teach people about the consequences of their actions which are totally selfish and raise awareness about a petition she has started.

Malorie Bravely talks the lads through the attack, hospital, court, the organisation of the attack, and the aftermath. As men we can’t begin to understand the idea or concept of losing a child the way a woman does as the child grows within them; so we let Malorie’s voice be heard on this. What is sad to hear, is that it happens more than we think, as Malorie highlights some other cases.

We give the male perspective, as Temi gives an example of when he got a girl pregnant whilst young and had to get an abortion. we discuss how men can feel a loss of control when a woman says she is pregnant, and will do what she wants in a hostile situation. Fact is, people can think of some evil things when their backs are up against the wall; its just shocking when it actually happens, especially 8 months into a pregnancy.

The aim of this episode is to raise awareness about child destruction laws and the changes needed. Below is a link to the description to the petition which you can sign if you agree that there should be revision of the law,

Link To Petition –

You can find Malorie Bentala

Twitter: @MalorieB_

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