Well well well, this episodes takes a sharp left after Fred Santana tell’s Temi Alchemy and the Guests Hemah K & Malaika to not dwell on the past any longer and look to the future.

At times Fred Santana feels the trio are ganging up on him and treating him like Nunu from Bk Chat LDN, or that they are simply repeating his points in a more politcally correct manner. The trio are very quick to let Fred Santana know they do not agree with his views and statements. They attempt to ‘educate’ him but you know as a taurus he will remain exremly stubborn and stand his ground all day.

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Generational wealth, should we be earning more than our parents if we are 1st or 2nd generation?

Should we still dwell on the past barriers to success for black people or unite and uplift each other to move forward and create solutions rather than excuses?

When will we start investing in real assets rather than clothes and cars that lose value as soon as you walk/drive out the shop?

As a generation have we become lazy, have we used the excuse of our ansectors stuggle for too long?

Should we worry about what the Daily Mail say about Grime legend Stromzy?

Do we really support Mo’nique in her battle against Netflix?

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