Join the BOYS as they invite their good old friend Mr Oshodi

Haven’t seen him since Guns & Butter and a lot has changed, he still pays for Netflix. The show has improved (wouldn’t you agree), he is on his 2nd daughter, and created a new business called Food Junkee Van which is a mobile catering service that visits and serves various areas of London.

As always, there are gems & Jewels. From discussing business, picking friends wisely, parenthood, Black Panther, and Colourism.

We discuss it all with the usual lighthearted humour, but make sure to digest the gems! Dude is a gem dispenser just willing to share with us all, and we love him

Enjoy and ensure to add @foodjunkeevan on Instagram and follow where he is serving near you to get that Afro- Caribbean cuisine… Not everyday Bagel King 😉